No Visa Required

NVR for Bangladesh Origin

Following documents must be submitted along with NVR application
1. Print-out of duly filled-in and submitted online NVR application form with applicant’s
signature on 3rd page;

2. 01 (one) recent passport size (45X35 mm) colour photograph with white background;

3. Passport (with at least for six months validity);

4. Valid or expired Bangladesh Passport along with photocopy (MRP’s photo & address pages);

Bangladeshi Citizenship Certificate issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh  and attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh along with photocopy ( in case
the applicant born in Bangladesh);

Online verified Birth Certificate with 17 digit Birth Registration No. issued by the competent authority in Bangladesh along with photocopy;

Previous Passport with NVR along with photocopy.