Bangladesh Slovenia bilateral relations

Bangladesh has a very friendly relation with Slovenia. After the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, a good number of wounded freedom fighters were sent to this former Yugoslav state for medical treatment and recuperation. Slovenian people have good perception about Bangladesh and our people. They are keen to further bolster political, economic, trade and cultural ties with Bangladesh. It was displayed at the meeting that followed the presentation of Credentials by H.E. the Ambassador to the Slovenia President in June 2015.

Slovenia is a strong protagonist to environment protection and strongly supports the global discourse on climate change. In addition, they are in favour of the UN reform. These, therefore, are the areas where Bangladesh and Slovenia can mutually support each other.

The current bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Slovenia stands at around US$ 35 million and the trade is in Bangladesh’s favour, and growing steadily. There is some investment in Dhaka Stock Exchange by the President of SBCC.

Slovenian entrepreneurs are willing to import honey from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are in contact with some Slovenian companies with regard to developing businesses in the areas like light plane production, energy and mining, electrical items as well as tourism. There is a Slovenia- Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SBCCI) in Ljubljana and this organization, in addition to our Mission in Vienna, is providing necessary trade and investment guidance to the prospective Slovenian entrepreneurs. It’s a small country of 2 million people, but having a GDP of over US$42 billion. Its economy is tech and innovation driven. The principal trading partners of Hungary are Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.